What employers need to know about telehealth services.

Telehealth services are not new, but their usage has increased exponentially due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Demand for telehealth services will increase by more than 60% in the U.S.  This increased demand is not likely to wane over time: the U.S. telehealth market is expected to experience a compound annual growth rate of more than 38% over the next five years.

Telehealth services can save time for employees while reducing costs for employers. Instead of making a trip to the emergency room or urgent care for non-emergencies, an employee can see a healthcare provider virtually. Additionally, such trips to the emergency room or urgent care tend to be more expensive, research from Society for Human Resource Management shows. Thus, employers can save money by reducing the number of emergency room or urgent care.

Employers are interested in using telehealth because it’s a way of making primary care more accessible and reducing the use of the emergency room or urgent care, which tends to be more expensive than if a patient can access a video or phone consult with a provider after hours or on the weekend,” says Karen McBride, Chief Revenue Officer.

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