About Access HealthLive

Access HealthLive.com is a division of Standard Health Network, and believes the quality of healthcare is critical, and it is our goal to provide a gateway to all Providers and Patients seeking quality healthcare management.

Our platform is not only changing the way Providers interact with their patients, but it is providing a channel for Clinics to access our telehealth services to protect patient intake.

We also recognize that there is significant areas of technology that can make healthcare more accessible, and more convenient to the patient. Access HealthLive.com was developed to bridge the barrier between healthcare services and technology.

Access HealthLive.com offers an affordable platform to healthcare professionals that do not have the operating budget or knowledge base for billing telehealth services.

Convenient Way to Service a Patient!

With our easy-to-use advanced app, you can now see a patient conveniently no matter where your practice or patient is located.

We work with an extensive network of highly qualified technicians who recognize the value of providing on-demand medical services with the help of state-of-the-art technology.

Access HealthLive.com is a common platform for healthcare experts who share a collective goal of providing the best possible treatment and convenience to all patients.

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Appointments On The Go

Schedule an appointment as needed. All you need is a device with a camera and internet connectivity.